Thirty five years ago I had yet to be born, but artist Scott Weaver had already begun work on this insanely complex kinetic sculpture, Rolling through the Ba…

Kinetic Wave Sculpture

Inspired by the work of Reuben Margolin. Full credit for this design goes to Reuben who is a truly brilliant artist.

Kinetic wind sculpture

Grant Williams, stainless stell and sealed bearings.

Kinetic sculpture by Jeffery Laudenslager.

Recycled Copper Lawn & Garden Sculpture

Recycle copper into a lawn & garden sculptures. This is a simple to do sculpture. This one sculpture will give you ideas for expanding on this design. There …

Kinetic sculpture

Those sculptures are made by Bob Potts. His awesome work is inspired by nature – the movement is very soft and quiet.


Linked stainless steel shapes spinning around a circular axis. Spins in 1/2 knot winds but is stable in much stronger. Light clinking sound of links touching…

Kinetic sculpture

This is the process I used to design the Kinetic Sculptures I have made.

This is a documentation of some of Len Lye´s kinetic sculptures shown at the Len Lye retrospective exhibition at the IKON Gallery in Birmingham, UK, from nov…

Ripples 12 Color

Mark White Kinetic Sculpture available at “Ripples 12″ Orange Fusion 30″ Diameter.

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