Description: Very beautiful wind chimes! it is perfect for giving away or decoration in your garden yard or bedroom or parties. Also very decent to use as a gift, your friends or family or colleague will be sure to be happy about it! Besides, the biggest feature of solar products is to Never be afraid of losing power! Solar hummingbird mobile wind chime with 1 extra/spare batteries for longer life and you can charge it under the sun for power. This is the first and original product which make it different than others. Beware of similar/cheaper product!! Quality and creativity you can enjoy through this product! Sit back, relax and enjoy the show. Q&A: 1. Will the wind chime only last a short time and quit working? NO, IT WON'T. but please know that sometimes it could run out of power, so please kindly pull the switch on the back of solar panel into " ON" status when you put them under the sunlight for some hours for power 2. how long is the warranty? Every item of our Brainytrade store has 1 year warranty 3. If the item was broken upon arrival, can we replace it? Yes,please contact our customer service( for replacement, or if you have any questions, please let us know, thanks! Why the windlight at daytime look not very good as at night? It is solar windlight, only by putting at darkness will light up beautifully. Thank you for your understandings

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