DISCOUNT LINK WWW.AMAZON.COM Sports Outdoor Play Kinetic Wind Sculpture FREE SHIPPING TO CONT-USA & CANADA The spectacular wind sculpture is made from highest grade Premium Copper ensuring maximum beauty, and durability. Hypnartic Artwork’s precision engineering and dedicated manufacturing has achieved unparalleled results in harnessing kinetic wind energy. PRODUCT INFORMATION Dwight’s Concord Swan is a large (10 feet) dual function wind sculpture and weather vane. Its movement is more subtle than the Wind Weaver or Spinning Leaves—lulling the viewers. It’s three independent multiple movements will captivate the viewers then suddenly surprise them by aligning and pointing into the wind as a weather vane. We do not use solder or welding because both will corrode. All rotation points utilize the highest quality, environmentally sealed, stainless steel ball bearings. This allows movement during the slightest breeze. All of our wind sculptures include a heavy duty cast iron ground anchor, as well as a solid cast iron powder coated lower pole. UNLIKE MANY COMPETITORS OUR POLES ARE NOT MADE FROM HOLLOW COPPER PLUMBING PIPES. These extra heavy duty base units allow our sculptures to withstand winds up to 50 mph, and give an exceptional life span to the buried portion of each sculpture. This unit comes with a three year warranty. Our Award Winning Team has produced another magical copper sculpture which will compliment any outdoor situation.Hypnartic Artwork has been featured

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