Plow & Hearth ExclusiveCelebrate day and night with our exclusive Solar Sparkler Spinner! Give it a place of prominence in your yard for a unique show of movement, color and light. This Solar Sparkler Spinner features our exclusive, patent-pending design that builds the solar panel directly and seamlessly into the spinner's center so there's no need for an extraneous panel. By day, our spinner brings color and motion to your landscape, but the fun really begins when the sun sets: solar-powered red, blue and green running lights radiate from the center out for a festive light show that's reminiscent of a colorful sparkler. Solar sparkler spinner with running lights Exclusive patent-pending integrated solar panel Wind spinner with LED lights in red, blue and green Yard and garden décor that looks great day and night Powder-coated metal design Dimensions24" dia. x 10"D x 75"H

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