From the exhibition Sculpture in Motion at the Atlanta Botanical Garden on view through October 2008 and curated by Brigitte Micmacker from Sculpturesite Gallery. Courtesy the Curator’s commentary: “David Fried not only gives life to inanimate objects, he imbues them with anthropomorphic behavioral qualities and elaborate dynamic relationships in his series of clever Self Organizing Still Life (SOS) installations. “His acoustically stimulated interactive sculptures … are compelling by their symbolically provocative simplicity, creating a live complex visual experience as the viewer is moved to forge perspectives on relationships, life and the universe of thought” , said Prof. Dr. Norbert Bolz foreword in the catalogue of David Fried Solo Exhibition at Neuer Zollhof Düsseldorf, 2001Here Self Organizing Still Life (SOS) Terra Incognita swiftly responds to clapping or other loud sounds by setting in motion seven brightly colored spheres atop a smooth slab of beautifully mottled green granite. The spheres chase each other, collide briskly, or hide shyly in a corner of the roped “corral” and each viewer ineluctably relates these chaotic events to life experiences, while enjoying the constantly evolving abstract compositions.”

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