Someone Sent Me Two Feathers is a kinetic wind sculpture commissioned for a private home in Capistrano Beach, California, south of Los Angeles. It was completed in 2006. As a kinetic sculpture, it’s of course heavily influenced by the work of George Baker, with whom I studied and worked for quite some time. I worked in his studio for about 12 years and helped build over 100 sculptures, nearly all of them kinetic — motorized pieces, fountains, wind sculptures, some moved by hand. Although most of my own work is not kinetic, it is nice to revisit that genre once in a while. Certainly, the motion can be fascinating, bordering on the hypnotic. But the challenge is in balancing pure sculptural form, while adding motion and a certain amount of choreography. The wind does not always blow, of course, so you want the still composition to be as successful as when moving. The site is a residence on a bluff, up above the beach, the house commanding views north down into Dana Point Harbor, south down the beach, and out to sea. The work was commissioned by Ann and Roger Worthington, who knew George as well. I eventually did a number of other sculptures for them, but this was the first and largest. The house they helped design is just magnificent inside and out, everything from the landscaping to the furnishing would not be at all out of place in a museum. A better site for a wind sculpture is hard to imagine. It’s really ideally situated on the entrance side of the house, just out of

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