Iris – Patina Solid Purple The kinetic sculptue is from the garden collection and move in one direction. This piece is perfect for smaller outdoor living spaces. These amazing sculptures are powered by the wind from a puff to 100 mph..

Trancer Kinetic Sculpture – Patina Orange Fusion This kinetic sculpture comes in 3 sizes, 24″ in diameter, 30″ in diameter and 42″ in diameter. These wind sculptures move at the slightest puff of wind up to 100 mph.

Happy Spring! First Flowers of Spring & More Wind Sculptures

These are pictures of the first flowers of spring on March 30, 2008 plus more wind sculptures. I love wind sculptures! They whirl around in the wind. In the high desert town of Taos, New Mexico. I made this video and it is copyright Angelstar Creations:...

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