Dragonfly wind sculpture Kinetic art

This is a wind sculpture I made for Mothers day 2012. It is about 8 feet across and balances on a spoon welded to a pole. It was cut out with a hand held plasma cutter and spot welded and brazed together.


In this video is some of Al Garnto’s kinetic sculptures. It was shot at his studio in Blairsville Georgia. Most of his sculpture is made out of recycled materials from old barns, chicken houses, cars, dumpsters…and so on…He started working with...

kinetic wind sculptures

A video of my customer ‘s favorite picks in front of the flooded Mississippi river in Grafton Il. My shop is located in Godfrey, Il. just about 10 miles away. All of my wind art is shaped and hammered by hand. Each one is made with the same attention to details...

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